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What if creating a pleasant atmosphere your shop, waiting room, restaurant or cosmetic studio was easier than it seems?
What if you and your customers didn’t have to listen to a radio station playing the same old songs over and over, interrupted only by news and your competitors’ commercials?
What if you had something besides the same 10 CDs you keep sticking in the player? What if you didn’t have to worry about whether somebody turned the radio on or off, turned the volume up or down, or decided to play their favorite heavy metal CD?

What if you could have a single device that was able to set up its own original playlists and fill your shop with music that reflected the mood of your customers and image of your business? What if you could have a device that takes care of everything for you? What if even switching it on and off was a thing of the past?
What if you could play your own advertisements whenever you wanted automatically? What if you could even run ad spots, videos or text on your plasma or LCD TVs just as easily? What if you could keep track of exactly what music was playing in all of your shops, all the time?

The solution is called   
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Media Trading CZ s.r.o.
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